I swam a mile without proof

I swam a mile without proof

I finally did it. I counted and hit my goal of 35 laps which would equal 70 lengths and exactly 1 mile swam in my pool. HUGE difference than Tuesday when I barely made it 30 minutes swimming before my arms gave out. That day I couldn’t even get out of the pool. Go figure. It is just proof of of the good and bad days of multiple sclerosis.

  • I was so excited hitting my goal, this was a big one for me. It was even more substantial because I’ve been so fatigued lately. I just knew I felt good enough yesterday that it was possible to finally achieve. I was loving my music, had a few technical issues that I had to stop swimming to fix but otherwise it was smooth. I also stopped briefly to chat with my maintenance guy who is just so funny and always comes to visit. Other than that I was mostly non-stop swimming. Unfortunately these few interruptions were enough to throw off my Fitbit and when I got upstairs and synced my Fitbit it registered

69 lengths not 70, no mile!!!!

So disappointing. Even though I know I hit it I was excited to share my Fitbit picture of my success on my blog and I was robbed. It didn’t register one lap that was the difference. I wish I could sync it by the pool but the WiFi isn’t good and it doesn’t sync. I would have done one more lap to show the mile. I know I counted right because my aid counts too outside the pool. Anyway I really did hit it so I’m super proud of me and one day my Fitbit will show it too.

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