Rituxan infusion complete

Rituxan infusion complete

The nurse got there at 5:30pm so it was a long night. I knew she was coming late but once I had the day to do it in my head I couldn’t change course. She offered I refused.

Anyway other than having to be stuck twice for the IV, it was uneventful. However it was long and I was tired. As soon as it was finished I got into bed and slept for a few hours but that was it. I was up a lot to pee and the steroids didn’t help my sleep at all. I’ve been laying in my bed for over an hour watching tv.

I have these crazy open sores under my breast that have appeared out of nowhere since yesterday, not infusion related. I sent the picture to my mom at 7 o’clock this morning freaking out because a third one appeared since I told her about them yesterday evening. I am tired, cranky and all together out of sorts. Luckily I’m done for 6 months.

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