A ramp for the balcony and a new closet floor

A ramp for the balcony and a new closet floor

I’m happy to report all the work in my condo is now complete. I had some other little projects done as well as fixing the closet. We re-touched my hallway from the scratches I’ve made with the scooter. I’ve hit into the walls many times and the walls were starting to annoy me. I had a ramp made for my balcony. I can now get out there with my scooter to clean the dog pads as well as to sit if so inclined. They are movable too so I can probably use them to roll myself into the shower, get myself situated and remove my scooter if I’m having a bad day. My shower has a small lift over the base which is probably the same height as the lift of the balcony doorway. Another two handicap obstacles taken care of. The last one is my bed which right now I don’t want to think about. I love my bed and I’m making it work still.

My closet is finished. We put in a floor instead of carpeting for now. We will eventually re-carpet the whole room and then do the closet again. It just wasn’t worth the extra expense at this time. I’m never in my room except to go to bed. To put in another couple of thousand of dollars for carpet just wasn’t worth it. My wonderful aid has spent the morning putting all my clothes back in that has been in my daughter’s room since my water heater flood event. I think it looks great. It’s a closet after all.

I am fighting a cold which explains why I’ve felt lousy this week. I’m all stuffy and sneezy. I’m taking my oregano oil and Onguard pills from Doterra which I swear by completely. It is once again Friday. Another week complete. Happy day.

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