Curing fatigue naturally

Curing fatigue naturally

I wanted to share information received through my blog post on fatigue. This is why I write so we can share other ideas and thoughts from other patients and their doctors. This is from Sherry and I can’t say how much I appreciate the information. I’ve been struggling from fatigue for a while now and I am really at a loss. I have not tried this yet but I plan on bringing all this information to my doctor when I see her on the 19th. As with any medicine or supplements consult with you doctor before taking anything. I am NOT from the medical world and have no idea how any supplements would interact with any other medicine you take.

hope you get to feeling better, Jamie. I know how debilitating fatigue is, because I’ve been there. Up until my doctor put me on supplements, I struggled to stay awake throughout the day. I mean, it was bad. Here are the four supplements she gave me:

1) EPA/DHA Guard (60 Softgels) by Perque

2) MegaQuinone K2-7 (60 capsules) by Microbiome Labs

3) Endura/PAK Guard (180 capsules) by Perque

4) MegaSporeBiotic (60 capsules) by Microbiome Lab

She also e-mailed me back and highlighted some important information on what they will do for me. Here’s what she said:

1. L-glutamine (Endura/PAK) has been shown to help heal leaky gut. It helps also with energy and exercise stamina. More info:

2. The Microbiome Labs supplements also help heal the gut lining and balance the flora. More info:

3. K2 is essential, and highly recommended (you can watch the webinar on the microbiome labs site for more education).

4. EPA/DHA is a very high quality fish oil – Anti-inflammatory properties.

Sherry’s review: I have been on them for about six weeks now. I haven’t been fatigued but two day, and even then it wasn’t as bad as the last two years have been on me.

Hope this helps anyone who is interested.

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