Why doesn’t fatigue ever go away?

Why doesn’t fatigue ever go away?

It’s another one of those weeks. I overdid it on Tuesday. Overdoing it consisted of sitting at a table helping family with papers and making some phone calls. Why I was so crippled from that I can never understand but I was….completely. Then the migraine started. That was just the beginning because I woke up Wednesday with the migraine and I was still exhausted. My aid was sick too so it was just me. I managed the day ok but I was drained. In bed before 9pm and didn’t get up until 8. I always hope with multiple sclerosis that you sleep and wake up feeling better. It doesn’t work that way, ever. No matter how long I sleep when I’m in a fatigue state that just doesn’t leave. It is a horrible feeling. Add the third day of my migraine to that and it doesn’t add up well. I’ve canceled my plans for the last few days to rest because it is really all I could do.

So I’ve been cozied up with my Marshmallow and Zoey, always my favorite spot. Watching the Great British Bake-off or The Challenge from MTV. My contractor has been here finishing up my closet from my water heater flood the other week. Water heater flooded downstairs unit. I’ve been saying for weeks I wish I felt better yet it isn’t happening. I’m just so drained. When does it end?

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  1. I hope you get to feeling better, Jamie. I know how debilitating fatigue is, because I’ve been there. Up until my doctor put me on supplements, I struggled to stay awake throughout the day. I mean, it was bad. Here are the four supplements she gave me:

    1) EPA/DHA Guard (60 Softgels) by Perque
    2) MegaQuinone K2-7 (60 capsules) by Microbiome Labs
    3) Endura/PAK Guard (180 capsules) by Perque
    4) MegaSporeBiotic (60 capsules) by Microbiome Lab

    She also e-mailed me back and highlighted some important information on what they will do for me. Here’s what she said:

    1. L-glutamine (Endura/PAK) has been shown to help heal leaky gut. It helps also with energy and exercise stamina. More info: https://www.perque.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/PERQUE-Endura-Guard.pdf
    2. The Microbiome Labs supplements also help heal the gut lining and balance the flora. More info: https://microbiomelabs.com/
    3. K2 is essential, and highly recommended (you can watch the webinar on the microbiome labs site for more education).
    4. EPA/DHA is a very high quality fish oil – Anti-inflammatory properties.

    I have been on them for about six weeks now. I haven’t been fatigued but two day, and even then it wasn’t as bad as the last two years have been on me.

    I had a little more detail about these supplements in the e-mail I sent you a few days ago. I hope you received it. Let me know if you have any questions.

    1. Sherry this was so great and so appreciated. I am going to check this all out. I hope my readers see this I’d like to copy this into a blog post if you give me the ok.

      1. It’s absolutely ok with me! If I can help another person with MS overcome severe fatigue (or even lessen it to a functioning level), I’m all about sharing it. xo

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