My multiple sclerosis spasms

My multiple sclerosis spasms

My spasms have been extremely annoying lately. I have a few different types and it depends what it hitting when. My back has probably been the most frequent. It starts with this warm feeling that spreads across my back and reaches from left to right. It continues to my right hand where it paralyzed it for a second.

Then I have the one in right hamstring. This one you can feel building up. It’s like you welcome the spasm when it finally comes. The hamstring muscles tense and tighten and it can get super uncomfortable. Finally the wave of the spasm comes through releasing those muscles. However that spasm can take thirty minutes before it comes. This one can become almost painful. I try shifting positions and moving the leg, thinking that it is the way I’m sitting that’s cramping the leg. It is never my position. It’s never how I’m sitting. I just need to wait it out. The word cramping was a perfect description of how the back of my leg feels. That is what it’s like, a really bad cramp. Also always right leg.

My third spasm starts from my upper leg and shoots down to my foot. This is my spasm/twitching and can happen in both legs but the majority is the right. I get a sudden twinge of a nerve pain. Although I’m using pain it isn’t exactly painful it is just a jolt out of nowhere of something. Starts at the very top of my thigh and travels down to flex my foot. Until the jolt finishes my foot remains flex. These happen frequently too and can happen anywhere. These are the things that can keep me up for hours at night. It’s hard to sleep through those episodes.

I take Baclofen and Gabapentin everyday to help with my various spasms. At night I take Flexerol to help me sleep through them. I more or less deal with them. I, unfortunately, am use to them. I know others have them much worse so I won’t utter a complaint. Just felt like sharing the strangeness of mine.

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