Hot Water helped with Choking

Hot Water helped with Choking

So I took an extra triple magnesium capsule on my way to the bathroom yesterday. I can normally swallow pills without water. Comes from years of taking pills. I wasn’t able to actually swallow the capsule for some reason but I needed to use the bathroom. I left it in my mouth for the second until I could get water from the sink. I just didn’t plan on one of my rock skipping ass off the toilet bowl moves. I overshot my landing and it took me a few seconds to right myself again. By the time I got to the sink for water the capsule started to melt releasing the powder inside.

The powder must have congealed with the water or something because after it was down something felt caught in my throat. I felt like I had phlegm in my throat I couldn’t get up. I kept trying because it felt like it was blocking. The more I tried the worse it got. Water wasn’t helping. My nose was running and then I went into a coughing fit which wasn’t helping anything move. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was breathing but I knew I was getting scared and my heart started racing. I need to calm down to move this thing out of my throat. I moved to my chair and into my bedroom to try to catch my breath. I’m not sure why I went there. I think it was to move away from the noise of the tv and out from under the dogs that were on me.

Mikayla, my daughter, came home at that exact time. She knew something was up. I’m not in my bedroom in my chair sitting there ever. In my shaky voice I told her I couldn’t get it out of my throat. She heated up water immediately and brought that too me. That is what worked. It broke it up and I felt it move immediately. I had to still calm myself down and catch my breath. It was scary. I just couldn’t catch my breath in between the coughing.

That morning I watched a video on Facebook of two nurses showing how to help move mucus along in the lungs. The first thing they mentioned was drinking hot water. I didn’t think of it in the moment. She did and she didn’t even see the video. I need to remember that one for myself and more importantly I need to pass it along to others. The second thing was to tap down the back. Amazingly she asked if i wanted her to hit my back too. So glad she was there when she was. I felt instantly better with the hot water.

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