Totally Rocked This

Totally Rocked This

Sometimes I even shock myself. Lagging all day. The only thing I ate was plain matzo with some grape jelly. I close my eyes quite a few times but never slept. yet everybody leaves my house, it’s all quiet, and I put on my workout gloves and work out. Not only did I work out but I had a great workout. That just makes me so happy.

Do you have an average heart rate of 126, I mean that rocks. I just love that. I felt so good after I was done that I actually decided to write my blog for tomorrow. I mean this workout was done in my chair with my dog behind me no less. It was done at 5:30 at night after I was up all night sick. I mean this is a full pat on the back MS I ROCK!!!!

Every morning that my aid is here, if it’s my workouts day, she has to work out. She reluctantly does it but I think she knows I’ll make her feel like shit if she doesn’t at this point. The only downside to this, for me, is I like to find things that she enjoys. Unfortunately some of the things that she likes don’t work out so great for me. Some of the workouts she likes is too focused on legs which is difficult for someone whose legs don’t move, namely me. Whenever she is not around I’m able to pick my own work out and it truly does make a big difference. I also think tonight I just needed to work out. When I’m in that frame of mind I usually have a better work out but tonight was just kick ass.

Now I just feel so much better. I feel more even keeled. So happy I decided to do it. I’m so happy I rocked it. Totally a MS Warrior today. GO ME!!!!

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