A possible reason for this spasticity

A possible reason for this spasticity

I might have put it all together. A few months ago I treated myself for a possible bladder infection/UTI. Maybe not the smartest thing, but I did. I suspected I had a bladder infection and I had some antibiotics. They weren’t the normal antibiotics usually prescribed for any type of infection in that area, but according to google, it would work. I took them for a total of 5 days. The normal prescription, for the antibiotic I had , is 10 days. I didn’t want to use up all of my antibiotics. It is a good thing because I felt like I had a bladder infection/UTI again another month later. So this would be my second time although I never officially had a test to prove it. I just couldn’t deal with the lines at Urgent Care. So many people are getting Covid tests again. These lines are as long as two hours or more. Just the place I should be with my weakened immune system. As far as my doctor or obgyn, that was laziness and irresponsibility on my part.

Well my feelings in my “female region” is completely off. I feel that something isn’t right but I can’t say exactly what I feel. I don’t have burning or even frequency that I can say for sure. I have pressure and more “accidents”. I don’t know if I have pain but I have some uncomfortable feelings. Whatever it is, something is not right. I finally went today to my obgyn to get an actual bladder test done. They originally called to tell me that the urine sample is going to be sent to the lab for a culture. The results can take up to two weeks. They aren’t going to prescribe any medications until the culture comes back. Are you serious??? I was like, that is unacceptable. If it takes 2 weeks, that’s a long time to be uncomfortable. Finally, the doctor agreed to call in a prescription while we wait for the results. As of 8pm the last evening, nothing was called in.

Urinary tract infection (UTI) is a common infection among patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) and may be associated with increased morbidity and mortality. https://www.neurologyadvisor.com/topics/multiple-sclerosis/urinary-tract-infection-in-multiple-sclerosis-risk-diagnosis-and-management/

UTI’s are a big deal when you have multiple sclerosis. They are actually a big deal with a lot of chronic diseases. A UTI/bladder infection can exacerbate chronic disease symptoms.

A person with a UTI may experience a pseudo-exacerbation. Although no underlying disease activity exists, the infection and accompanying elevation in body temperature may cause other MS symptoms to flare up temporarily. Once the UTI is treated, however, these symptoms should subside. https://msfocus.org/Magazine/Magazine-Items/Posted/Urinary-Tract-Infections

I know this yet nothing registered until the other night. I realized I have probably been dealing with bladder infections or UTI’s for months now. I thought about my spasticity. The light bulb lite up.

A urinary tract infection is one of the most common causes of worsening of spasms/stiffness and may require antibiotic treatment. Going to the toilet more often than normal, pain on passing urine or an unpleasant smell from your urine may indicate that you have a urinary tract infection.https://mstrust.org.uk/a-z/spasticity/spasticity-triggers

My spasticity in my legs has been for about 3-4 months. A newish symptom for me with 22 years of having MS. I’ve always had spasticity but never like I e had it in the last 3+ months. A UTI can totally explain this change in symptom. Could it be so simple and so overlooked. I haven’t had a UTI in years. Why am I all of a sudden getting them?

I had to think what else is new in the same timeframe. Then I realized Kesimpta. Kesimpta started in September. Kesimpta would never cause spasticity, but would it cause UTIs?

It is a once-monthly injection into the stomach, thigh, or upper arm that people can do at home. Although the dosing is convenient, Kesimpta (ofatumumab) can raise the risk of infections such as the common cold or urinary tract infections (UTIs).https://www.goodrx.com/kesimpta/what-is

There it is…Could it be that I finally cure the bladder infection and the spasticity in my legs might go away? Well first I need the doctor to call in a prescription. That has still not happened as of this morning. However, there is also the problem of Kesimpta causing these infections to begin with. If I get cured with the prescription, I might have to go back to Rituxan. That will remain to be seen. I would also have to wait for Shore for the results to come back of the culture. Then I’ll have to have a conversation with my neurologist. Until then, there is a possibility that I could once again have solve my own problem and maybe, just maybe, there’s a little bit of hope that this could get better.

Let me please take one minute to extend a very very merry Christmas to everybody and a happy Kwanzaa. Wishing everybody a safe and happy holiday.

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