Waiting on Gastric Diagnosis

Waiting on Gastric Diagnosis

I have a new day time aide. It’s been a little rough with some of the aides I’ve been sent. I hate being that person that complains but some of these people were just useless. I can put up with a lot. If I feel unsafe with someone I usually can’t get through that. Some of these aids had no training. I knew if I stumbled during a transfer I was going down. It became very stressful each day. Each day there was either someone new or one of the useless ones. I am happy to say that they have sent a girl who really might work. Amazingly, she is 23, same age as my daughter. I could never imagine my daughter in a position to be taking care of me, nor would I want her to be. Although I know she would be able to easily help me if I stumbled during a transfer. My daughter is freakishly strong.

I am hoping I could have a few days of peace. I feel still overwhelmed by all the little things that have been happening. However, I’m still waiting for the results of my stool sample. Sucked having to wait through the long weekend. I had my blood work back by Thursday. I saw the results and was even able to compare them to prior tests. I saw there were some things that were odd. One of which was definitely showing infection. I’ve been eager to see the results of the additional tests to get a clue what might be wrong. Specifically, the pancreatic enzymes. This is what the the gastroenterologist was really looking to see. I might not be digesting my food correctly. It could explain the other strange things in my blood work. My CO2 is low, anion gap high and mchc low. Basically mchc is relative to anemia and iron. The anion gap means my blood is too acidic which can cause gastric issues. CO2 is also a cause of gastric issues when low. Who knew. I only know that my sample was clean. There was no chance of contamination. I will hopefully see the results today although I probably won’t speak to my doctor.

So the pancreatic enzymes were normal. I got the results of that test. My mom is more worried about my colon. Geez…I thought I was so relieved. Now I don’t know what the rest of the tests he was doing but the cultures can take another few days. I guess I’m back at square one. I know it isn’t one thing but have no idea what is causing my issues. So I’m back to waiting.

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