What is multiple sclerosis?

What is multiple sclerosis?

I don’t know how many times I’ve talked to people that had the cure for multiple sclerosis. If it was just about diet and taking vitamins, I promise you, I would be doing that. People mean well. Unfortunately, they read one story and think it works the same way for everyone. If there was a universal cure we’d know. I think that diet and vitamin can make a difference in the early stages of multiple sclerosis. The healthier your body is the better it could fight the disease. I’m sure people with a mild form of MS can use diet to help them. If you could keep inflammation down in your body through foods you eat, yes, congratulations, you are lucky. However, if your disease is progressing, it isn’t because of your diet, it’s because you have a progressive disease. I’m one of those people. I will say that diet and exercise are important for overall health. If you read my blog, you know I can be a little obsessed with the topic. I just know that no diet is curing my MS. I have tried them all.

The other one I’m always faced with is, well as you keep doing it you’ll get stronger. I wish that’s how this all worked. If it did, then I’d be running in marathons by now. Anyone who has had this wonderful disease for longer than a year will tell you, doesn’t work that way. Even way back when, after a relapse, I wouldn’t recover 100%. There was always a residual left. It might have been 1% but it was always something. After 24 years this shit adds up. I can try to walk everyday with a team of physical therapists, won’t matter. I will only be able to walk as well as my disability enables me. Like after my month long hospital stint, I was able to improve from being bed bound. I’m still improving with small victories. I won’t improve past the point I was before I got sick. The damage of my disease is already there. I could improve from the extreme bed bound stage but I am limited to the extent of healing. I am never going to say good bye to my wheelchair and be walking around my home. It doesn’t work like that. No amounts of trying, resting, activity, or any other thing that you can think of will change that. A cure or repairing the myelin sheath is my only hope.

I love to explain multiple sclerosis like a plug. The coating of the electric wire is like the myelin sheath. MS attacks this coating that is there to protect the wires underneath. Once the coating is gone the wires become exposed. It is very easy for these wires to now be damaged. I just so happen to have a fan with exposed wires that my Minx got to as a puppy. Originally , I’d plug in the fan and everything works perfectly. Then I plug in the fan and it works only on the 1st setting. Lately, the fan goes on than slows down to a stop before it starts again. Wires are not communicating from the wall to the fan. That’s what MS is. A disruption in the wires. No diet is fixing that. I can rest for a month, it won’t make it better. I lived through that first hand. I can practice something every day for the rest of my life, my wires won’t be fixed. That is multiple sclerosis.

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