Thankful in the present moment

Thankful in the present moment

Yesterday was a tough day.  I went future tripping on the complete unknown of MS.  I’m got very worked up and scared of the possible needs of my future when my daughter goes to college.  From that point I went into a complete state of panic, sadness and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  I cried throughout most of the day to just about anyone I spoke to.  It was a mentally and physically debilitating day.

i woke up today put my two feet on the ground and said thank you.  Thank you for giving me the ability to wake up and walk today. I know I can’t worry about the future that isn’t written. MS is going to run a course without any idea to anyone.  It won’t send you a message first or give you a heads up warning. That’s the point, you can’t know. I can’t worry about things that are out of my control or that are completely unknown. I can’t worry about the future because it’s the future and I’m only in the present.  I had a choice and I made the choice to stay in the present. Yesterday’s tears are forgotten yesterday is over. Today this moment is the only place I’m going to let myself focus on and right at this moment I’m thankful.

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