It’s just one of those MS days

It’s just one of those MS days

It is just one of those days when things are more difficult. It could be chalked up to sleep, I definitely didn’t sleep well last night. Most people would probably blame the weather. I don’t get this one honestly. I find my doctors and therapists blame the weather an awful lot when I have a “bad day”. I get the heat sensitivity one because I live that one but today it is 78 and cloudy. So today it’s blamed on the humidity and chance of rain that’s effecting my MS symptoms? When I started to have a downhill slide in physical therapy the blame was placed on the changing of the seasons from winter to spring and spring to summer. I mean really so basically by their definition unless it’s 65 degrees, sunny with ZERO percent humidity, my MS symptoms will act up. It’s kind of silly. I just chalk it up to one of those bad MS days. I’m grateful I made it to physical therapy today and I don’t have anything else planned for the day. I’m able to rest and relax at home.

I also have a headache for the third day in a row. It’s not terrible but enough to tell me it’s there. I get concerned when my headaches start to cluster into days. I can never go back to those months when I had headaches/migraines for 5-6 days in a row. Topiramate saved me, but I’m wondering if my dosage needs to be increased again. Right now my MS fatigue is doing me in enough where I’m going to end my blog. Sometimes even a small task such as this, is more than I can do. Today is just one of those days.


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  1. I have found my fatigue getting worse and worse as well. I spoke to my neurologist about LDN. She said let’s wait and see what the infusions do. I had my first Ocrevus infusion today. So far so good.

    1. The doctors at that forum weren’t convinced about LDN. They said in the small clinical trial it failed and it never went any further. They added it was a hit or miss some people still swear by it but most people didn’t have any marked improvements.Just for you to know.

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