Ocrevus infusion not looking good for Monday due to insurance

Ocrevus infusion not looking good for Monday due to insurance

Can you sue an insurance company for stress? I know you can sue debt collectors if their actions cause undue stress. I was wondering about insurance. The stress that I’ve been under for this last week dealing with my insurance is ridiculous. Everyday I speak to them I get a different answer. Yesterday I was told they were waiting for clinical notes and a copy of my last MRI showings I have relapse remitting MS. I can understand if this was a new insurance but I’ve had this insurance now for at least 18 months. It was with this insurance I filed 3 different appeals with tons of clinical information when I was trying to get approval for Rituxan. Don’t they have records on patients history? Don’t they somewhere have my clinical diagnosis down? They are paying for an aide three days a week but I’m still proving I have relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis.

Are you kidding me?

I finally heard from my doctor regarding my WHAT IF question which was What if I can’t get the infusion on Monday, I have another appointment scheduled for August 21, puts me over 5 weeks behind on my infusion, will I be okay? However, her answer was only let me see what the infusion center says.

My last relapse was in August 2014. I discontinued Gilyenia and was going to start Tysabri. For some reason, probably insurance, it took 4 months to get Tysabri started. That relapse took my hands ability to feel, type, tie, grab, hold and function normally. My walking independently was forever over. After two rounds of steroids and just life, I’m able to hold, grab and sort of tie, but I have no tactile feeling in either hand, I was never able to type again, sometimes people have to cut food for me to eat, and I was never able to walk unaided again. You can understand my fear that my Rituxan was due July 17 and if I don’t start Ocrevus on August 7, I’m just ticking on the clock. My doctor did talk to me before I made the appointment for Ocrevus that Rituxan really can last up to 9 months but the do it as a 6 month schedule but still…I’m so worried because another relapse could forever put me in a wheelchair. Then what, everyone says I’m sorry?


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  1. I know this is so frustrating! And stress only causes the MS to be worse. Do you mind if I ask how long you were on Gileyna for and why did you stop it? I decided recently to stop taking Gilenya because I have noticed increased headaches, back pain and sinus pain. Of course I was on Gilenya for 6 years, which I think is way too long anyways. I am driving myself crazy and stressing about what to do next.
    Take care and try to relax. Believe me, I know it is easier said than done!

    1. I was on Gilyena for about 3-4 years. I stopped because my MS just continued to get worse. I have to say I started Gilenya coming off of a relapse with steroids and I use to have night sweats with Gilenya. Very strange, they never left. I started getting migraines about 8-10 years into my M.s my doctor explained that it was swelling of my lesions. Whether that was true or not true, headaches have been an issue and I’m now on everyday medicine for. However from Gilyena I went to Tysabri from Tysabri to Rituxan and now to Ocrevus. Did that help, or was that just a bunch of useless info? Let me know if I could help further ☺️

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