Ocrevus approved saga ended

Ocrevus approved saga ended

Finally, after countless phone calls and so much unnecessary stress, my insurance approved Ocrevus. However in their approval, they didn’t approve me getting the infusion at Mt Sinai hospital where I was scheduled. I’m approved to go to a place on Long Island about 20 minutes from my house. Since I just got the approval at 5:30 on Friday evening, there was no way to get me scheduled at the new infusion site for Monday so it will be done Tuesday or Wednesday. Not a big deal. Truth is I never wanted to do the infusion at Mt. Sinai hospital but my infusion place on Long Island I went to for past MS treatments wasn’t doing Ocrevus infusions. My doctor asked me to come to the city then where she knew the infusion site was doing Ocrevus.

The only downside is I was going to see my doctor briefly so she could write a note because we were going to increase my nursing aide hours. I unfortunately know the rules, I need to see the doctor within 30 days of a filed request to increase. I haven’t seen her within 30 days. I was going to see her briefly Monday before my infusion. She was more than willing to write a letter for the increased hours if she could but I know that won’t work. The social worker who submits the papers to my insurance will tell her I have to be seen. I don’t think they can accept a note. That was the only plus side to the infusion being in NYC. I could kill two birds with one stone. Worst case scenario is my daughter is going to be moving into her dorm at the end of August. She’s going to college in NYC and I’m not missing that day. I can always see the doctor then, providing she isn’t on vacation.

Someone asked me if I’m nervous about taking the new drug Ocrevus, and I’m not, at all. I’ve been on Rituxan which I’ve written many comparison blogs about. I’ve never had an issues with that infusion and therefore don’t expect any with this infusion. If anything, I might have a slight reaction to the steroids, that’s all. I’m just happy to have this fight finally off my plate. This was truly a ridiculous and stressful experience to get this approved. It is a shame our healthcare operates like this.

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