Things that go bump in the night, or the concrete.

Things that go bump in the night, or the concrete.

I got back from my sisters at close to 8pm last night. Whenever I go away and the trip ends, the highlight to coming home is seeing my dogs. No big shocking news there,especially if you follow my blog. I stepped out of my car and looked up at my window to wave hello to my marshmallow howling in the window. I do this every time I come home since his face started looking out for me. Well, unfortunately, last night didn't go so well. I remember looking up and waving and loosing my balance. I don't think I even moved my feet after I stepped out of the car. I fell backwards without ever having my hands out to brace the fall. My head hit the pavement.

I laid on the concrete for a couple of minutes as the pain shot through me. My neighbor ran across the street who happened to see me fall. My dog sitter, who was watching from the upstairs window, ran out. I was stunned. I finally sat up but it took me another 10 minutes to be able to stand. There was only a small amount of blood but I knew I hit my head super hard. My head was throbbing.

I made the reluctant call to my mom and step dad who I just left not even twenty minutes before. I knew, and they agreed, I needed to make sure I was ok. My daughter and I spent the next 3 hours in the ER. I'm happy to report my cat scan was fine. I probably have a mild concussion. I know I have a huge bump and bruise in the back of my head. My mother said a very true line though, one day you won't be lucky with your MS falls. Unfortunately, she's right.

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    1. Thanks. I had a question for you. Are the girl dogs calmer than the boys? Do you see a difference in temperament. My next dog will definitely be my English again and I think I want a girl this time.

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