My week with a cup half empty

My week with a cup half empty

Happy Friday to everyone. All is right in the world again. I am awake, although slightly reluctantly. I’m on my couch with a dog on either side of me. My daughter is home for the weekend. I saw her for a total of 10 minutes yesterday, from the train station back to house before she left again. That’s ok, I’ll see her today. I have an aide coming today. I’m going to get some soup cooked and maybe a vegan cornbread. I need to replenish the food in my freezer. I just wish I felt a little stronger.

My symptoms, I should say my everyday issues, just are heightened. Is there anything new wrong, NO, Thank God, however it doesn’t make things easier and certainly not better. I heard from a few people this week who heard my frustration and exhaustion coming through in my blog posts this week. I wish it could all be positive but sometimes it is just too hard. Sometimes the cup is half empty not half full. That’s really how my week felt. I felt I woke up each day with half a cup of energy and that energy got used up really fast. When your left with no energy, there is just nothing you can do about it. No sleep, no rest and no pill is going to make it better.  Fatigue was and still is extreme, my numbness is profound especially in my extremities and my legs are just having overall weakness. The full MS recipe that makes all things difficult.

Am I ok? Of course. This is my life 24/7. It never changes. The severity of the issues can change but these symptoms never leave. I get no reprieve. This isn’t something new. It’s just a matter of how much it affects my everyday activities. This has been a tough week but today things feel more normalized and I have help and cuddly love. Ok I always have the cuddly love but I have help today so I’m grateful. I also learned a lesson this week, I need the aide and the help. So this wasn’t an unlearned lesson.

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