Biotin a year review

Biotin a year review

If you’ve never read my blog before, I invite you to look through the search box and find my numerous posts on biotin. If you don’t want to take my word, this is an article from the web with the doctor who has been conducting the clinical studies on high dose biotin in multiple sclerosis.

My MS doctor had read the notes on the clinical studies and started me on biotin back in December of 2016. With biotin being a vitamin supplement there was no real adverse reason to not take it. The clinical studies uses a high dose biotin, higher than any dose you’d find in a store. You need to purchase this through a specialty pharmacy. I get mine from ace or you can click on the orange bottle to the right. High dose biotin is 100mg capsule that you take 3 times a day. The same dosage as in the clinical trial.

Its been a year that I’ve been on biotin and we’ve added a few different drugs and vitamins into the mix. I could never pinpoint one and say exactly that it is the result of biotin that there was a huge difference so I’ll tell you what’s been added and what I and my doctor have observed. We added alpha lipoic acid (also higher dose and carried by ace pharmacy),biotin, Rituxan and have just switched to Ocrevus. Last February or so, my timed walking at my doctor was the best it ever was at 10+ seconds. This was almost 7 seconds FASTER than my last visit (Again, I blogged the whole journey so you can read any of my reviews.) 7 seconds faster means nothing in the scheme of things, it doesn’t change my life, but in a clinical study, I would be considered an improvement. In May and June the timed walking wasn’t as good but still considerably better than the one in comparison at around 11-12 seconds. Yesterday’s visit was timed at 14 seconds.

I would never even consider not taking the biotin because as much as I can’t measure if it is truly the item marking the walking improvement, I also can’t measure it’s not. I can tell you walking faster or not, I am still progressing with MS despite any drug I’m taking. It might not be going as fast as primary progressing, but it is definitely progressing. I am now adding a cholesterol medication to the mix that is in clinical studies as well. It is shown to possibly slow down the atrophy of the brain. Nothing else will change. Feel free to check out any of the biotin blogs below.

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4 thoughts on “Biotin a year review

  1. Thank you so much for this information. I mentioned biotin to my neurologist when I saw her last. She wasn’t all that impressed with the results. I may have to discuss it with her again.

    1. I don’t know if it actually Does anything but I know on those visits with the faster timed walks I really was feeling good and I gave the credit to biotin.

  2. Interesting Jamie. I started it but could only get the powder, being in the UK, so it was tricky to keep going and I gave up. I’m on lipoic acid though. Like you, I’m progressing. I think the tricky thing is that we never know how much more we might progress without these vitamins!

    1. It’s the reason why I continue taking the vitamins. Especially the biotin. I believed that was doing something. My good days were really good. I just got worse again so I forgot. I always credited biotin for those really good days.

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