It’s not multiple sclerosis, you’re just getting older

It’s not multiple sclerosis, you’re just getting older

When I was at my doctor the other day, I was explaining some of my symptoms. I thought I possibly my optic neuritis was acting up. My very first MS symptoms was  optic neuritis. It was in my right eye and it was like a huge sunspot in my field of vision. I had it once very mildly in my left eye, same thing but much less intense. I believe I had one other issue in my right eye over the years, but I can’t swear to that. I haven’t had any issues that I can recall in the last 10 years.  Because I was just getting over a UTI, she really felt that it would be more of a pseudo-attack then actually having a problem with my eye. So I thought it would go away.

I was out for dinner the other night with friends, and I literally couldn’t see the menu. It was just blurry.  This just seems to be so strange. I’m done with the UTI medicine. I couldn’t understand how this could possibly be. It seemed to come on over the last few weeks. My friend hands me her reading glasses, I put them on and I could see perfectly. I’m like, do I need reading glasses too? I don’t understand it. I have glasses cause I can’t see distance and now I need glasses cause I can’t see close-up? Can this happened so fast?

As luck would have it I was getting my regular glasses fixed this week. So when I was picking them up I asked.  My eye exam is in January, and my prescription for my eyes and hasn’t changed but it’s not uncommon that someone needs reading glasses as well. If something changed my prescription glasses that drastically that would’ve been an issue. But thanks to my aging body,  happy almost birthday, it’s actually very normal.  Many people need both, hence bifocals are made. Well there you go, it’s not MS you need reading glasses. OK moving on to the next problem.

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  1. Yep, I got progressives last year for the first time. Time marches on… Recommend them over the bi-focals.

  2. WOW !! Just read about your Optic Neuritis ! That is exactly how I was first diagnosed -after taking those “evoked visual ” tests ! I remember looking at my favorite painting-and there was a big round blurry spot ! As I looked around the room-the spot went with me !
    I was told that if your MS started with Optic Neuritis-history said you would have a much milder course of MS-certainly true for me. I have whacky eyes-need glasses for distance and reading-I wear bi-focals -:). Have for the past 20 years ! I think you are much younger than I am ( I am just 68 -:) ).
    Happy “almost” Birthday !!

    Take Care of yourself! We all have too !

    1. I’m turning 46 but unfortunately I didn’t have a mild Course with ms. I was told most people start with optic neuritis. I find many people start with it. However not everyone has the sunspot. I am so glad someone understood what I was describing

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