Setting of the med-alert again

Setting of the med-alert again

Back in June when I got into the program for the nursing aid, I also received a new med alert. So I’ve had this new one for quite some time and I like this one because the button it’s harder to push. Therefore I have had much fewer false alarms. By fewer, I mean zero. So I finally like this one. When I moved there weren’t many spots I was able to hook it up and so I had to put this one in my room. Since my condo is small I can hear it from anywhere so this was not a problem. In 1 million years I couldn’t tell you why or what happened. I had a dog at my feet a dog at my side and I was woken up on Sunday morning to my med alert calling the help center. I don’t know if maybe I was dreaming and hit the button, i just know in my sleep it was pressed. Anyway luckily it’s right next to my bed. Since it was about 6:20 in the morning i Just was able to speak and I tell them it was a false alarm. Like I said, that was my first false alarm since getting the system back in June.

Until today, it’s only Tuesday. It’s only two days later. And I am on my balcony the furthest point away from my room just picking up something off the floor and I hear the alert go off. So now I have to get to my room to tell me it’s a false alarm before they don’t hear me and dispatch police and call my mom and step dads house at 7am. What I always hated about my last one, and one of the biggest reasons I got rid of it, are the false alarms and trying to get to them to say it was a false alarm put me at more of a risk of falling then the actual reason I had the alarm. So here I am once again rushing in the condo to get to my room so they can hear me say it was a false alarm. Luckily, there were no falls and I made it on time. I probably could’ve screamed but I keep my door closed so much puppy Zoey doesn’t wander in there and eat her own poop, a whole issue in other blog posts. The other issue is my daughter was home has her friend sleeping over. My daughter who takes her Cochlear off doesn’t hear but her friend that’s sleeping over does. So I couldn’t go screaming through my place.

It’s amazing because what I liked about this is the button is a little depressed so you actually have to push down to set it off while the last one was flat, hence the reason I set it off all the time. However in one week not even three days I set it off two of the three days, that’s not good. Not to mention it was the first times I set it off since I’ve owned it from June. Hopefully I don’t keep doing this otherwise I have to figure out some other way and not have it on my wrist. If not the med alert once again the matter becomes more of a danger to me that I help.

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