Monday Ramblings from multiple experiences

Monday Ramblings from multiple experiences

It’s usually my morning meditation that I decide what I want to blog about. This morning I fell back asleep during my meditation and I never got an idea of what I wanted to say. Right now I’m just staring at the water, hoping something will come to me.

When your blog every day, I have to admit, some of my blogs become pointless. I have a feeling this is going to be one of them. I can tell you that today the final shipment of furniture comes. My daughter is getting another headboard for her bed. Since I moved from my house, 11 years ago, this is probably her fourth headboard. I don’t know why or how a child can go through so many headboard but my child somehow seems to manage. It is from changing her furniture in her room so many times. However, this is a very grown-up headboard so maybe it will stick around for a while. I’m finally getting my coffee table too. That wasn’t on my original delivery because it was out of stock. Except for a rug, which I haven’t decided if I was going to still get, for the living room, that’s the last piece of furniture. Da da, condo complete, well until I do the balcony. I’m hoping all this comes early because I want to go in the pool today.

My goal is three times in my pool and I want to go in and shower while my aid is here. Time to get this body moving again. Not that I’m doing laps but I will jog back and forth and do push-ups and sit ups against the wall. I actually have a routine for the pool. I did an MS class in the water for a while that I really liked. I could definitely do a half an hour, by myself, and have a good workout.

All right well, I guess this wasn’t the most organized of blogs but I had some stuff to say. It’s Monday, not the most exciting of days. I hope everyone has a great week ahead.

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