Exercise in a pool for MS

Exercise in a pool for MS

I went in the pool. Finally!!! I was the only one in there. I can’t swim anymore. My legs can’t kick. My legs actually can’t even get high enough in the water and I usually end up going under. The truth is I probably could do more but I was trying not to get my hair wet. Let’s be real, with multiple sclerosis there’s only so much energy I have. To go in the pool for the first time in years, jump around, then to have to shower to get chlorine off, and to do my hair was really not going to be part of an ideal situation.

What I did decide is to bring back my Beachbody subscription. Beachbody for me is everything. It held 90% of my workouts. The only thing that I didn’t do on Beachbody was Zumba. Zumba I had to do with the DVDs. What I love about Beachbody is it has so many different options for so many different people. I can access the programs on my phone, iPad, or on my Amazon TV. I realized hey, one thing I can do in the pool that I can’t do in the real world is stand for 30 minutes. I can do my program Cize by Shaun T in the pool. Especially, if nobody’s there. I can totally prop up my iPad and do the work out videos.

Even though i couldn’t stand to do them, I managed in a chair. It wasn’t MS that stopped my working out. I actually had to stop because it was causing me pain with my shoulder tendinitis. Guess what, in the water it probably won’t really affect it. It was like a brilliant epiphany yesterday. My goal is to be in the pool at least three times a week. However I have my aid 5 times a week, no reason I can’t try for that. I will be realistic though and try to just do the three days to start. it’s been a while again. I was just so excited yesterday to get in there and get moving. Not even going to talk about this whole weight thing and how the weight has been creeping on. I just know I need to do something different. Even though there’s cameras in the pool area, I don’t care if someone sees me looking goofy. As long as I don’t make some crazy YouTube video that goes viral, I’m good. It just felt so good to move again. The pool was such a huge amenity moving to my condo. It’s just another reason I wake up thankful for my new home.

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  1. I am so happy to hear that you made it to the pool today. I have heard great things about water activities when living with MS. Some can be as easy as sitting on the side with your feet in the water! I am glad you have plan for your water time! Definitely do not push yourself too much though!
    I am jealous you were able to get in a pool today. It snowed where I live and we could not even leave the house. It was crazy here!!!!
    Sending you lots of love and comfort!!!

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