My bedroom equipment

My bedroom equipment

My accessory equipment, is far from limited to walking. I’ve been having problems in the bedroom to, and I’m not talking about sex. I’ve been having issues getting on my bed because I can’t get my knee high enough to get myself on. It’s also too high for me to just sit down and get on like that. That’s not all!!! I can’t sit up in the bed, because my core muscles are becoming less and less existent. This creates a problem when I’m trying to get out of bed. It’s created times where I literally fall out of the bed. Sometimes it ends up just being a slide other times it ends up being kind of a fall. Once again I have to buy equipment to keep me safe.

My first purchase was a stepstool with handle that I step on giving me a little more height where I can either sit down on the bed or I can get my knee on the bed.

I really had this down pat. I would get on their turnaround sit down on the bed get myself on into position and I was good to go. However it didn’t help me when I needed to get out of the bed. So I had to buy a bed assist rail.

This isn’t because I fall out of bed while I’m sleeping, it’s so I can grab the bar to help me sit up in bed. It is still a struggle but I’ve only had it for two nights.

Mind you I have a Tempur-pedic adjustable bed. I can actually lift the back of the bed to a fully seated position. The reason why I can’t do this is because I can never reach the remote to move the bed. Plus to constantly move it up-and-down and up-and-down and up-and-down, I would never get the bed in the right position for me to sleep every day. So I put the bed in the position I like to sleep in and I don’t touch it. If I move the remote closer, I can actually leave it on the bed but then I run the risk the dogs stepping all over it in the middle the night. I personally sleep on my back and don’t move so I won’t run that risk. However, I’m up quite a few times to go to the bathroom. Moving the bed up and down all night could get annoying.

So add this to my list of accommodations and equipment. I had to readjust now how I get on the bed with the stepstool because now the rail is in its spot. But I’m adjusting. Just another thing I have to do to make my life easier with MS.

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  1. I am getting pretty close to using those things too. It is Getting harder for me to roll over in bed. And the way my bed is positioned and the window I have to get up on the bed to close the draperies. Some days it takes me three or four times to get my leg up. It is one of those dilemmas that you want to keep doing as much as you can for as long as you can. But getting aids that will help you do just that.

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