Learning to crawl

Learning to crawl

I don’t know how babies do it, they spend months crawling around before they walk. Unfortunately, I’ve had to learn to crawl again. It’s part of the last five months of physical therapy. Crawling forward and back every time I was there. Why? If you don’t have MS you might not know why, if you have a MS you unfortunately know why. It’s because sometimes when I’m on the floor I can’t get myself back up. This could be because I actually fell, because I had to pick something up or maybe just because I was on the floor playing with my dog. Doesn’t matter what the reason is I need something to brace me so that I can pull myself back into a standing position. That sometimes requires me to crawl to a better area or piece of furniture that I could get myself back up on.

The other day I was in my daughters room on her floor, which was a disaster area but that’s neither here nor there, and in her room there’s very little that I can get myself back up from. I had to crawl from her room out into my living room to one of the stationary chairs. So it’s a slow process but I get there pull myself up, all is right in the world again. However I was in the kitchen and I was doing something, getting from something from one of the bottom cabinets and I just couldn’t pull myself up. I had to once again crawl, this time from the kitchen to the living room, to the same lovely chair to get myself up. In my bedroom I have the same type of issue. I was on the floor in the corner doing something on the computer which I never use but I had nothing to brace myself to get up. I had to crawl yet again to a piece of furniture to pull myself up.

Now my knees are all scuffed bruised and they hurt. Mind you I wasn’t crawling all day I was crawling small distances and it was short durations, my place isn’t that big. Yet I have all these bruises and scuffs on my knees. How do babies do this for months on end? What’s next, kneepads? Ouch. Wish I was able to just stand up these days but it’s not happening. Just yet another thing I have to deal with. Even the crawling is tough, due to hip flexor movements, but I get to where I need to go. God bless strength in my arms. If the arms go, which can certainly happen, I’m in trouble.

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  1. My leg stiffens so much when I fall, I struggle then bending it to get up again – plus I need something to pull myself up on. The joys of MS, eh?

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