Medical Marijuana and MS Bladder Issues

Medical Marijuana and MS Bladder Issues

Today I post a fairly simple question, has anybody used medical marijuana and had a positive effect on your bladder incontinence? I know in the past when I’ve used marijuana one of the better side effects for me, was it caused a hesitancy in my bladder. I can have this sometimes in the middle of the night when I can’t get my muscles to release right away to use the bathroom. The other time has happened was after using marijuana. It beats the 30 seconds I sometimes have to get to a bathroom. I have not tried this recently and I haven’t tried with my prescription medical marijuana card to see if that would help the same way. I was wondering if anyone has had this effect.

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  1. Can’t help you with this one, I’m afraid. I fortunately don’t have to deal with that malady, but am interested in knowing what you find out should that day come

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