My travel scooter and me

My travel scooter and me

This was my best purchase for my MS. The scooter comes in three parts the battery, the body and the steering column. It is compact enough to fit into the trunk of my little Honda Civic. I use this all the time and up until the last few years I’d take the scooter in and out of my car and assemble it without any issue. It helped my significantly my last year working. I’d assemble it and zip to my office everyday.

Today I can’t assemble it on my own anymore but I still get so much use out of it. My aid helps me and we use it in grocery stores or if I’m going for a stroll outside. This morning I’m using it to zip around the Albany campus as my daughter moves into her dorm. I lay boxes on my feet and I can even feel slightly useful.

I didn’t want to buy it. I remember thinking “is this really what my life has become “. The truth is, it has helped me in so many ways. I can do things I wouldn’t have been able to do and I’m independent without relying on someone else. As with so many things with MS it is about accepting the need for the accommodation. Once you pass that stage the accommodation really can improve your life.

Btw I also have an electric wheelchair now too which isn’t portable. You learn to accept and adapt.

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