Trying to get funding for a disability van

Trying to get funding for a disability van

I have to admit, I never expected the handicap vehicle to be quite so much money. I’m glad at least when I started this journey I did start at the dealership first. I have a foundation from multiple sclerosis that is helping me but they certainly didn’t have enough funds for the entire van, or anywhere near it. The multiple sclerosis foundation only helps with the purchase of the conversion and they certainly don’t cover the full cost. I’ve done a lot of research and unfortunately there really isn’t much help out there unless you’re working, which I am not. It’s kind of scary truthfully because you want to be independent but nobody’s really helping you get that way. It’s almost like the handicap van is a luxury item for you. I have one more charity that I can try when all my other funding is in place.

I’ve never been so certain about anything that I’m getting this car. From the second I made the decision that it was time I knew no matter what I had to do I was going to get it. I put it in the hands of the universe recently as my faith started to waiver slightly. My Go Fund Me has been backed on Facebook ads. It has been clicked on an average of 30 times a day and I haven’t seen a $1 donation. It was starting to get discouraging. I set up this fund as a recommendation from the MS fund that is helping me. I tried to explain the truth about my difficult life and that this car cost which is twice as much as I make in a year. I thought I wrote a good short bio and yet received no additional help. I kept looking at the times it would be hit and then look at the campaign and back-and-forth getting more and more frustrated. I finally decided to go back to what I know which is my faith. I know I’m getting this car. I know I need this car and I trust that things will work out. I don’t know how yet but they will. I realized this journey to get this car will one day be a chapter in my unwritten book that can help someone else.

From the National Multiple Sclerosis Society resources for Disability Vehicles:

View the following links to learn more about your options

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Find and purchase a new or used accessible vehicle:


To locate a new or used accessible vehicle, you may wish to contact Disabled Dealer Disabled Dealer hosts a nationwide online marketplace for private parties to buy and sell accessible vehicles, medical equipment and adaptive accessories.  All items on the site are ‘for sale by owner’. Advertisements start at $19 per item.  For more information, visit:


The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) has a nationwide network of accessible vehicle dealers that offer a complete line of state-of-the-art mobility solutions for the physically challenged driver or passenger.  Use the online search tool to locate NMEDA mobility equipment dealers near you:


Vantage Mobility International (VMI) also offers a nationwide network of accessible vehicle dealers. Use the online search tool to locate a VMI dealer near you:


Obtain accessible vehicle grants/loans:



If you need assistance paying for a new or used accessible vehicle, you may wish to contact theDigital Federal Credit Union and inquire about their Mobility Vehicle Loans. Qualified applicants may obtain loans for 100% of the vehicle purchase amount, from $5,000 to $100,000 and with terms up to 120 months. Note: financing is available for a new or used vehicle with modifications, but not for modifications alone.




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