Overwhelmed with gratitude

Overwhelmed with gratitude

I’ve shared numerous times how I started a Go Fund Me for help getting a handicap van. I had some donations but it wasn’t moving most days. Since my birthday is coming up tomorrow I got something from Facebook about starting a fundraiser, so I did. I am so overwhelmed by the people that have donated to my fund. People I went to high school with, college, my family, my sorority sisters, my work friends over the years and friends I met at my spirit junkie classes. There have been so many people that have donated that the support is just heart warming. I am so grateful to each and everyone of these people.

It is difficult to ask for help but I didn’t really have a choice. MS is a tough disease. I am coming up to my 21 year of dealing with it and that doesn’t make it any easier. I have difficult days and days that are slightly more manageable. I can’t even say that there are good and bad anymore because even my best day is still difficult. I try to smile as often as I can because I’m fortunate I’ve always had a lot of support. What I learned with this fundraiser is people are supporting you even in the distance and that has been the most amazing part. I’m getting that van without a doubt in my mind. I’m so grateful for everyone that has helped me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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