Tony Horton P90X, here I come

Tony Horton P90X, here I come

It’s been a while but I’m coming back to my P90X workouts from Tony Horton at Beachbody. I have been a fan of Beachbody and their trainers for a long time but my favorite was always the P90X routine. I had these great bowflex adjustable weights These weights were great you could dial them from 5 to 52 pounds each. This was wonderful when I could lift a 20lb press or do squats with 30lbs in each hand, not so good as I got weaker with my multiple sclerosis. I ended up selling these when I moved to my condo.

I tried to buy wrist weights that you can pull out the weight bars with to make them heavier or lighter to do P90X again. The first set I got went up to 4lbs but that was to light. The second set I got went to 8lbs but putting the bars into the little pockets in between each exercise was too hard. They also weren’t heavy enough on a bicep curl. I needed something else. I was regretting selling my bowflex weights even though I knew 15lb was probably my max.

I finally googled adjustable weights and looked what was out there. There were a lot and some were very pricy. Then I found these from Home Depot.

Perfect!!! It will take me a while to build up again to a 15lb weight and if that happens I could use the wrist weights. In the meantime 12.5 adjustable weights for each arm is perfect. Was so excited. Looking forward to toning my arms again.

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