My handicap van update

My handicap van update

I thought I’d write a blog on the update on my van. Unfortunately, I did not get as much in grants as I was hoping for which was somewhat disheartening. It was my own fault because I just got a number in my head that was delusional. I was able to secure $5,300 in grants from the MS Foundation and the MS Hope Foundation I was denied from the Chive Charity and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society doesn’t do grants for a handicap van. I currently have my last grant application into Nova which is a grant program through Braunmobility I won’t get the answer on that until February 15. That is all I can do to secure grants. I’ve exhausted every avenue.

I had a successful fundraiser on Facebook but in all honesty in my delusion with the grants I asked for too little. I tried to start another one but it never gathered momentum. My GoFundMe also never got enough views and momentum.

I am at the point with my multiple sclerosis where I need to be in a wheelchair when I leave the house. I can’t take apart and put together my portable scooter by myself. Today I had to cancel my plans because my aid called out. My main elevator is out and the portable scooter is in the condo so I can get down to the other elevator. I wouldn’t even be able to break down the scooter to leave the condo and go anywhere. The handicap van brings me freedom and independence.

So here I am and unfortunately I didn’t even cover the cost of the van conversion let alone any part of the van. However I am working with the dealer to consider my options. We are looking at used vans and trying to see both what I can afford and what works best for my needs. Hopefully I will get good news with this final grant and I can wrap this up by the end of February. I do know somehow my van is coming.

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