My handicap Van

My handicap Van

Yesterday was an exciting day. My step dad took me to New Jersey to meet with a gentleman from Mobility Works. This was another handicap van dealership. What I liked about them is they had a much bigger selection of used vans. I now realized I had to get a used van so it was important to have choices and options. The company I was communicating with from the beginning just didn’t have that access to that kind of inventory.

The gentleman was not only off on Sunday but the whole dealership was closed. He came in and opened specifically for us. Luckily we hit no traffic getting there but it was still a 75 minute drive. He pulled out one car that he thought was perfect for our needs. They also had available the other used cars I picked out based on their website.

I drove my first minivan yesterday. I was nervous. Not only because of its size but the van is a 6 cylinder car. I’ve never had a car more than 4 cylinders. Needless to say had to watch my acceleration. However it wasn’t difficult to drive at all!!! I had no issues but I do need to get use to the width of the car. I am use to driving little cars. I had clear vision lines and liked being high up.

I drove two different cars and chose the one they thought would be perfect for me. They were right and it was. It is equipped with an electric lock for my scooter and a full outlet to charge it as I’m driving. It has an infloor ramp. It has just under 21k miles. I put down a deposit. I have a large chunk to finance still so we are still accepting donations but I’m so thankful for all of the help I received from so many people. Gratitude I can never put into words. So much love and so many thanks.

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