Weird MS symptoms are my normal

Weird MS symptoms are my normal

Do you get those weird symptoms from MS? I’ve blogged about them before but sometimes they come out of nowhere and they are so annoying. Today it is like my bra is too tight and it’s cutting into the left side under my breast. Wouldn’t be so wacky if it didn’t start while I was in bed not wearing a bra!!!! Only on the left side too never the right. I’ve had this crazy feeling before actually many times and it goes away eventually but it is another weird one coming out of nowhere.

Understand I wear sports bras too because doing those claps on a bra wasn’t working anymore with my hands. It’s easier to just pull it over my head. The bands are far from tight to be cutting of any circulation. Wouldn’t even matter because now that the bra is on and I’m sitting up the feeling went away. However, I know that it may come and go for a few days before it goes away again.

That’s what my weird MS symptoms do. They come on out of nowhere, bother me for a few days and then leave out of nowhere. Very odd but it’s been like this for so many years I’m use to it. This one is one of the newer ones but not necessarily new. Probably a year or so. I have learned to just live with these weird glitches in my body when they come. I get weird back seizures, funky toe pain, Lhermitte’s without bending my neck and twitching. It is all normal for me although extremely weird. I almost find it funny. That’s my MS and another day in the life.

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  1. I love this! I haven’t experienced any strange symptoms as of yet but I do find myself saying a lot “mmm must be the MS” anything from eating dark chocolate (I hate the stuff) to having many pit-stops during a 15 minute walk . I’m excited to share my experiences of MS with you soon!

  2. Not just an MS symptom. I get these same type of pains and I don’t have MS, but I do have damage to the nerves because of my spinal cord injury. Mine too is only on the left. Mine feels tight, burns and stings as well as spasms. So sorry. Hang in there.

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