Goodbye Scale

Goodbye Scale

Today is the first day I’m going out in a week. Between my stomach issues and the excessive heat I’ve been home bound. I can’t even complain about it because I felt terrible for a good portion of those days. I was happy to have my family support and the unconditional love of my dogs.

My weight shot back up, everything I lost over the last month is back plus a pound or two. I spoke to both neurologists and the gastroenterologist about it and no one has an answer. It could be hormonal but I’m not scheduled to see my obgyn until October. My neurologist did request blood work but standard stuff. We aren’t even checking my thyroid because I’m on a high dose biotin supplement that I just restarted. This is for the clinical trials with multiple sclerosis. It will falsify the results unless I stopped for a week. So once again I’m back at square one. I decided to do something different this time.

I’m putting away the scale. I can’t control this anymore and I need to cut myself a break. I’m also trying to appreciate my body and myself through meditation. Might sound corny but I believe in this and the free meditation I gave you with Oprah and Deepak is about this. Finally I might do something I’ve seen in a blog I follow to start appreciating my body. This blog is so inspirational and I admire what she does so much. I don’t know if my hands could trace due to my MS but I still am inspired to possibly try.

Anyway I’m off to physical therapy now which will be extremely difficult and draining after a few weeks off and the summer heat. I’m glad I was able to write a blog before I left. Happy Monday.

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  1. Please believe you are so much more than your weight! Focus on taking care of yourself through this rough period and thank you for sharing your challenges, your approach to life is so touching and inspiring 🙂

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