Maybe it isn’t MS

Maybe it isn’t MS

I’m putting on my MD hat today and I’m diagnosing myself. I think my bizarre toe MS symptom isn’t MS at all. Annoying MS symptoms strike again I think it may be gout. I’ve had this weird symptom for a couple of years now and it never dawned on me until yesterday that it was anything other than MS.

I was getting my hair done with my mom, (which came out fabulous I might add), telling her about my crazy symptom acting up. My mom has been diagnosed with gout within the last year and has such horrible episodes when it inflamed. It took a while to even get her diagnosis because by the time she saw a doctor the episode passed. I was the one looking up gout on the internet for her telling her the signs and symptoms but never connecting them to my own toe issue. It was my mom that said like me with gout. I was like a lightbulb went off, duh that’s what this is, not MS at all. The reason it isn’t excruciating for me is dumb luck, I don’t have good feeling in my feet. For me it’s uncomfortable not unbearable.

Of course I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I’m not running to go get a blood test to check my uric acid levels. I don’t want to go on another medicine and it doesn’t bother me or come that often. I’ve looked at the food list of what to avoid if you have gout and I don’t eat most of that anyway. The biggest thing I saw was dehydration which I know my medicine I currently take can cause. Sometimes I limit my water intake if I’m going out for the day so I don’t have an accident. Other than that I don’t eat much on the don’t eat list. Yet I did have a possible trigger. Salmon is on the don’t eat list. I consumed salmon for three days the other week. It has been a while since I ate that much. It is a possibility. Well now I’ll take my MD hat off and go back to being me. Happy hump day.

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