I ran myself over with my wheelchair

I ran myself over with my wheelchair

It happened again, I ended up on the floor and couldn’t get up. However how it happened was slightly comical. I ran myself over with the wheelchair. My sweatshirt got caught on the control as I was making my transfer to my chair. I got knocked over with my arm still attached to the chair. If it was on video, trust me we’d all have a laugh. This is why they always tell you to shut off the wheelchair when you get up. Good point, lesson learned.

I was downstairs in my Wednesday social club yesterday playing Yatzy. We were down there for a while. There’s just something about sitting for too long in my wheelchair that my back sometimes tires out. No different than when I’m playing mah-jongg. I came upstairs, I knew I was tired, I was just trying to make it into my chair. Didn’t quite work out as planned.

I just couldn’t get footing in the right position and I couldn’t get myself up. It’s pretty pathetic because I’m just flopping around on the floor from back to front with my legs straight because they don’t bend. picture that fish out of water flopping around, that’s me but the flopping is in slow motion. Somehow I finally got myself into a sitting position, moved the wheelchair in front of me and got myself on my knees to climb up onto the wheelchair. This exhausting situation probably took me about 20+ minutes. I was very happy when I made it back into the chair. Thankful that I had brought my dinner with me and had no reason to get up again.

I do have people’s number in my building to call if I need help but my pride and stubbornness still get in the way. My own determination to do things on my own prevails. If I really couldn’t get up I would have called eventually. Not one of my finer moments but it all worked out. After sitting for a while my strength came back and I was fine for the rest of the night. Today is mahjong and again the same fatigue will happen. This time I’ll try to be smarter than yesterday.

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