No joke, I’ve fallen again

No joke, I’ve fallen again

Omg it happened again yesterday where I fell to the floor but this time it wasn’t so comical. I was beyond exhausted coming home from mahjong. It even took me a couple of minutes to get from my wheelchair to the drivers seat. Driving isn’t an issue for me because the muscles required for that weren’t the muscles that were the cause of exhaustion. I know my dad is reading this and he neither understands that or feels comfortable with me driving. That is another story for another day. It was difficult for me to transfer back to my chair when I got back home and needed assistance from the friend that was with me. It was bad. I knew I needed to be careful.

When I got up my condo I said hello to my puppies. I had a plan, I was going to feed them, get my dinner, a snack and come over to my chair and just sit there. Easy!! Everything was in the refrigerator and ready. I put my pocketbook down on the table and the entire thing falls. Not only falls, flips over and everything falls out. My entire contents of my purse all over the floor and my little dog Zoey was starting to play. Fun stuff in a pocketbook for a dog who is known to eat tissues, chapsticks, pens and paper. I tried to pick things up and that was my error.

My back was too tired to pull me back up on its own and I literally fell out of the wheelchair. The second it happened I knew I was in trouble. This time I wasn’t by any carpet. I was completely on my wood floor making it very difficult for me to get any footing. The only saving grace was I still had my sneakers on that eventually would help me get that footing but that was sometime later. In the meantime as I was flopping on the floor I had hit my med-alert button. The emergency monitor is actually in my bedroom and the door was closed. When they connect they couldn’t really hear me from the living room and made the call for help. That call goes to my mother and stepdad. I kept yelling I was fine, even though I was on the floor but that obviously didn’t help. Gratefully they did hear me say NO to an ambulance. I realized I need to move that system somewhere else yet the telephone jack is in my bedroom. Another problem to be solved another day.

I finally got off the floor and got the dogs fed. I took my own food and went to my chair. I didn’t have the best transfer and ended up down again but back up quickly. Once I rested I was fine. My mom called after 8 hearing the messages on her machine about my falling again. She unfortunately was at a funeral and wasn’t home. Not a call she wanted to come home to either after her sad day. I was extremely frazzled yesterday but I’m doing better today. I’m doing too much and I need to slow down.

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