Annoying MS symptoms strike again

Annoying MS symptoms strike again

Ugh my toe hurts. That strange MS symptom that comes once in a while for no reason. It just started hurting in the middle of the night. Same thing always right foot, big toe. Didn’t hurt when I put a shoe on but it is now a dull throbbing with my shoe off and feet elevated, just like when I’m in bed. It actually feels better when I bend it. So annoying. Such a strange symptom too. Just nerves misfiring or something I guess because I have no other answer. It could last a day, week or longer. The only thing I know is it can become uncomfortable and even the blanket bothers it. It is better to have this one in the summer. Just another one of my strange MS ticks.

I had occupational therapy this morning. It went well but I am definitely exhausted. Ironically with all the exercises focusing on my left hand, as usual, my right hand was having spasms through my back. It may be my back through to my hand not sure of the origin. I just know I was shaking out my right hand more than my left hand all morning. My right hand still feels off like a spasm is about to come but it hasn’t in a while. It is all tight feeling. It’s uncomfortable to say the least.

It is just one of those days with MS where things aren’t wrong but they aren’t right. I’m use to days like this. This is unfortunately not uncommon for me although it’s uncomfortable. These are just symptoms that come and go at various times. There aren’t reasons or things to do to avoid days like this. It is the normal wave of the disease. I just have to ride the wave until it passes. Thankfully this isn’t everyday and eventually my toe will stop hurting and the spasms will move somewhere else.

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