Safe transfer from my wheelchair

Safe transfer from my wheelchair

Yesterday was the first time I actually went from my wheelchair directly into my bed. My daughter left to go back to school and I am once again alone in the house. I must say the realization of that fact became very clear when I realized how fatigued my legs were. I did a long workout program in the morning because I felt up to the challenge. I always do my hardest program on Sunday because I’m home all day, it is the best day to be able to recover. I did recover but as the day went on the fatigue set in and by 7pm my legs were not in cooperation mode. Not only were my legs feeling the weight of fatigue but my arms and hands lacked the strength to even hold the tv remote and push the buttons. It is days like this I’m thankful for the Alexa voice command on my Firestick. I ended up putting on the movie The Report from Amazon. It was really good but that’s besides the point.

I was coming back from the bathroom transferring to my chair when I almost had a misstep. It wouldn’t have been a fall more of a slide but I knew I would have had a problem getting up. I made the decision to be smart and try to do the transfers safer since I was so fatigued and alone. When I went into my bedroom I pulled up to my bed on the side I sleep on with the wheelchair placing me on my right side. This is just my stronger side. I had my bed rail in front of me and my bed frame behind me to assist me. My chair fits perfectly in between. I lifted up the chairs arm and stood up slightly to push myself up on my bed. Unfortunately my bed is higher than my chair so it isn’t a straight slide over, I do have to stand a little. Once I was seated on my bed I was able to use my legs on the chair to push myself back a little, I was too close to the edge. From there I got myself situated easily. Safely done and without strain.

When I woke up to use the bathroom I was concerned that the chair would make it difficult for me to get out of bed. Due to spasticity and spasms my legs don’t bend after they’ve been straight for a while, like when I’m sleeping, but it was fine. My first thought was I was going to just use my wheelchair to go to the bathroom but I decided against it. I moved the chair back to its normal spot and grabbed my walker. I walk so little now that I felt felt if I stop using the walker altogether the days of walking those few steps would end too. Pretty intense thoughts at 2am. I leave that for another blog post. I was just proud of myself for making the smart choice and safe transfer into my bed. It actually worked better than I thought and will be even better with the correct chair. Next level wheelchairGo me, making progress.

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