Giving names to my assistive devices

Giving names to my assistive devices

I’m happy to report I have had no strange incidents with my wheelchair, Houdini, this week. My wheelchair might be trying to kill me. However it is only Wednesday and I’m hoping I haven’t spoken too soon. I name all my things: cars, assistive devices, even the TV (although that name was lifted from an episode of Friends). My first rollator name was JJ Walker, the character that said “Dynamite” on Good Times. It was a very heavy sturdy walker which was great for me. Giving it a name helped me not hate the idea of having to use. I around was 42 years old and it was tough to accept I couldn’t walk without assistance. I eventually moved to a lighter one which was a blue one made by drive. This one I named electric bugaloo.

I think I got this name from an old roller skating movie but I can’t swear to that fact.

My cars always had names since I got my first one at 17. I always had little cars, other than a Saturn Vue. When I got my handicap van it was so big. It needed a big name. I named him Bubba. It seemed so fitting.

Subconsciously I might have got the name from my coffee mug which is called Bubba too. No matter it is fitting.

It was therefore no surprise when I named my wheelchair. I picked Houdini because I thought the H name went well with the Hoveround. Houdini Hoveround. It flows. Never thought Houdini would perform magic tricks to continue to catch me and run me over. ?. My wheelchair might be trying to kill me. Houdini knows I’m looking to replace him. Next level wheelchair. The good news is I explained all is well because I have 2 identical Hoveround chairs and I’d give back the first chair and keep Houdini even when I get a new one. It seems that helped. Phew, accidents averted. ???

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