Intermittent Fasting 18 months later

Intermittent Fasting 18 months later

Sometimes I’m amazed when I look at my stats to see which blogs are still popular getting consistent hits. Like this one on Intermittent Fasting two months later This blog was written in August of 2018. However it wasn’t the popularity of the blog that struck me it was the date I wrote the blog because I STILL EAT THIS WAY!!!!

Wow that’s along time and this blog was written two months later. I actually started eating the intermittent fasting way in June of 2018. It is February 2020. The realization hit me and I was shocked myself. It hasn’t helped me loose weight in all this time but it has helped me change bad eating habits I had.

  • I started drinking water to start my day instead of just at night. Because I use cream in my coffee it is a food and isn’t allowed in the fasting hours so I normally do not have my coffee until almost 11 o’clock. I use to drink coffee first thing in the morning even as I exercised. I always drank water but now I drink a better amount.
  • I stopped mindless snacking at night. I was always a night eater in front of the tv. I always saved all my snacking for those hours. I are too much food too close to bedtime. Snacks I ate just because not because I was hungry. With intermittent fasting I had to stop eating at a specific time. It stopped the snacking.
  • I started eating dinner earlier. It is normally just me in my house and I go into bed by 9-9:30 at night. To eat dinner at 6 or 7 was too close to bedtime so I decided to move my dinner to around 4-4:30. This may sound early but I eat two meals a day one around 11-12 and dinner around 4-4:30. I only eat between 11-7. So the time of dinner isn’t as crazy as it sounds.
  • I have not lost weight but I am in a wheelchair and diet and exercise are very important. I workout to the best of my ability 5 times a week and I am currently back on weight watchers. I track everything I eat and my weight. I may not be loosing but I’m not really gaining much either and I have progressed much more in the last year making movement harder.
  • I don’t even think about it anymore. I am not hungry first thing in the morning and I couldn’t imagine eating. I’m up by 8:30 each day and my first food consumed is my coffee at 11.

It has been so long it is a habit now. Like I said I was actually shocked myself when I realized it was just shy of two years. I cNt imagine eating any other way. It works for me and I am not hungry. It isn’t about weight loss now it’s about habits and healthier eating.

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