Singing the song It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy

Singing the song It Wasn’t Me by Shaggy

Not one of my better nights sleeping. I think I was up most of the night. Everything hurts. I hate that feeling. My headache isn’t helping either. I woke up sneezing so I immediately guzzled down some oregano oil. I just feel blah.

I worked out and even that didn’t help. Usually bringing on a sweat helps a little but not today. I was disappointed in my heart rate and felt it didn’t register accurately. That in turn made me annoyed in my already blah mood. Then as soon as I was finished I needed to use the bathroom. That never goes well when I just finished working out, my body is weak. It took me forever to get my shorts back up because of the lack of balance and muscle weakness. I always seem to start singing in my head the song from Shaggy, It Wasn’t Me. The same line:

“Picture this we were both buck naked, bangin on the bathroom floor “

Probably because I’m buck naked trying to pull up my pants. Yet it then leaves me to have the song in my head for hours. Understand this happens ALL the time when I’m in this predicament. I always seem to leave the bathroom with that song in my head.

“How could I forget that I have given her an extra key?”

“All the time she was standing there she never took her eyes off me”

I’ll finally let the song go and then I’ll have to use the bathroom again and BAM, it starts again …Picture this we were both buck naked….ugh it’s so annoying. All day. It just happens all the time. Same issue, same song, same daily doom. At least if my head could change up the playlist every once in a while I could deal.

Obviously this happened after my blah workout while I’m feeling blah and slept lousy. Now this song is stuck in my head annoying me too. However I do have a plus side. Formula 1 weekend. Practice 3 and qualifying are today so hopefully that can distract me and occupy my time or at least my head space. Here’s to the sun coming out.

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