I’m taking a poll on napping

I’m taking a poll on napping

Amazon’s been promoting shark week on discovery channel for a while now. However, now the promo is Tyson versus jaws, rumble on the reef. Is this really what we’ve lowered ourselves to? I actually like shark week. They’ve actually had some really interesting programs. I think my stepdad’s told me it is the longest running cable event in history. Do really need to be promoting it alongside Mike Tyson in his boxing gloves? OK, maybe it’s just me. It is possible I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I certainly didn’t sleep as good as yesterday, but i slept well. I also slept in. I wasn’t out of bed until after 8:30. I completed my work out, but I really wasn’t in the mood to do it. Now I’m on my chair with Zoey on my shoulder and Minx on my lap. They take their morning siesta as soon as I’m finished. Sometimes I envy them. They just fall asleep so easily. I won’t nap during the day because my naps end up being two hours long and I never feel better when I wake up. I push through and go to bed early. Do you nap? Does it help? I’m taking a poll today of other MSers and chronic illness suffers so let me know.

Do you nap? Does it help?

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