I’m back….

I’m back….

In the hospital that is. I was home a total of 5 days before I ended up once again in these too familiar surroundings. It started the day after I got home. I actually slid off my bed onto my stool. From there I couldn’t stand up. I had to have EMS come and get me off floor. A great beginning to being home from the hospital. That day I was spent from doing anything else. I never got out of bed.

The next day things started going downhill but it started with my bladder. My normal incontinence/urgency was starting to be hesitancy. I’ve had some hesitancy issues over the years but not like I started having. I felt like I couldn’t get the urine out without putting pressure on my bladder. Even then, I couldn’t always get the urine to flow. It was crazy. I started spiking the fevers two days later. When my fever went back up to 103 I ended up in the emergency room.

I thought for sure it was going to be a UTI. Every test was once again run. They even put a catheter in to see how much I was retaining, which was a significant amount. However, it wasn’t my bladder. All the tests came back fine. They did a X-ray and the lungs showed a few new spots. The pneumonia,which seemed to be under control at discharge, wasn’t on its way to healing. New spots of infection on my lungs is what caused the spike in fever.

So I am back in the hospital. Been here since Sunday. I’ve been on IV antibiotics for a second time. I had them remove the catheter Monday morning. My bladder has been back to its normal (or maybe my normal) urination release. Hesitancy hasn’t been any issue. The only answer is I have a weakened immune system. My body is taking longer to heal. Starting this whole ordeal over two months ago with Covid and the UTI certainly didn’t help my body’s capacity to fight. I’m tired just very tired.

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