Yoga with MS

Yoga with MS


Two chairs, two yoga blocks, one strap I don’t know what to do with and one dog toy dropped off by my marshy when I finally collapsed on the floor.  First let me say Tony Horton YogaX kicked my ass.  He has you do vinyasas between every move. Is this a normal thing? Oh and he’s so gracious that you can do a push up if you’d like. If I’d like? I could barley do a downward dog.

Well I have to say after I got through the warrior 2 pose, things got more and more difficult. The tears of frustration were very close to the surface and the memory of why “I can’t do this” flashed through my mind.  I paused took a few deep breaths and said do your best.  There was a few moves I really couldn’t do couldn’t even figure out a modification for so I skipped them.  That was the right angle twisting poses and such.  I did 50 minutes of movement yoga and about 20 minutes of poses  the poses were significantly harder. Plough position, crane position were impossible for me. I tried to do some balance and stretch.  I didn’t finish the 1 1/2 hours because I was really shot but I did accomplish over an hour and ten minutes.  Yeah me.

This will be my Saturday workout for the next few months and I hope it will get better.  I won’t lie I hated it today but I made the commitment and I will stick to it.  Have a wonderful and blissful Saturday afternoon to all.  Namaste.


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