Drink yes, drunk NO

Drink yes, drunk NO

Well found another thing that can no longer be on my list of things I can do, get drunk. Since the last time I actually consumed a lot of alcohol, other than wine, was over 2 years ago, I had no idea. I went out for dinner with my friend last night and had a very, very dirty martini, my new drink choice. No big deal if I had one, might not have been an issue if I stopped at 2, not sure how or why I ordered a 3rd. Truthfully it would have been fine if it wasn’t for the two steps I had to maneuver the walker down to leave the restaurant. I lost balance on the second step and down I went….and this is where MS kicked into major complications. Like I wrote in my post of my disheartening day,

Yesterday was a very disheartening MS day explanation

my body muscles, from the alcohol, fatigued as if I just left physical therapy. As I went down, I hit my head, banged up my arms and my knee. That was because when I went down I wad still holding the walker so I never braced myself for the fall. However what was the worst, I couldn’t get myself up. I couldn’t use my arms or my legs to get into any position to stand. There was nothing around me to help leverage myself either.  I was fortunate that my friend and the restaurant host were both with me. Somehow we got me to a sitting position on the bottom step and from there, they helped me stand. Once I was standing I was fine.

This morning I woke up slightly battered definitely bruised. I just remember lying on the pavement pushing with my arms to try to get up and realizing they atrophied and couldn’t help. My legs did the same. I know that with my MS that if I get hurt, like stub my toe when I’m walking, my body goes into a paralysis of sorts. I can’t move for a moment or two. All my nerve ends seem to stand up when that jolt of pain happens and I become paralyzed for an instant. It’s no different if I fall. I can’t get up usually right away my body does the same thing. Last night the alcohol just intensified the reaction. All in all, I am fine. Nothing broken, nothing that a bandaid won’t fix. I had a lovely evening despite that. Listen to a piano player who played my two songs my dad use to play for me when I was a kid. It was a really nice night. I also learned a lesson. I can’t drink like that anymore. I guess I just wanted to relive that life once more and now I know, those days are gone.


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