Joining weight watchers again

Joining weight watchers again

I made a decision yesterday to join weight watchers again. I’m up about 10 lbs from goal weight which isn’t terrible but that weight has been creeping up slowly since I stopped working out in June. Yes, vegans can gain weight. I’m just eating a lot of vegan crap and I can’t seem to get it under control on my own. I need the accountability of facing a scale each week. Unfortunately, sometimes when I’m on my own and I’m in this funk it’s too easy for me to fluctuate up-and-down and not get a handle on my weight.

I’m a lifetime member so technically once I hit the 10 pounds I won’t have to pay anymore but once again the truth is I need to lose more than 10 pounds.  My doctor wrote a note putting my goal weight higher for me because of my MS. At the time though I was much fitter, I was working out 6-7 days a week doing multiple forms of both strength and cardio. I also was walking at that time. There was no shoulder tendonitis issue and I kicked ass. My body fat was lower even though my weight was higher. Now my body fat is higher and my weight is higher. My body just feels the difference and I hate it.  If I can’t do it with exercise I need to do it with diet. I just haven’t been able to control it on my own. So weight watchers here I come.

The lower my weight the easier it will be on my MS. I’ll never understand how I can have so much will power in parts of my life and then so little in others. In all honesty to be at a normal weight by all the chart stands, I need to lose 25-30 pounds. That’s a lot of weight. I will easily lose my 10 pounds but then I sabotage myself when trying to come down the rest. It’s been my pattern for almost 10 years now. I don’t know why. I stopped smoking cold turkey. I went vegan in a day. Yet I’ve fought my weight issue for years when I know I need to do it for my MS. Maybe this time, maybe it will sink in but at least I know I’m putting my foot forward to start. Wish me luck.

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