A day in the life…

A day in the life…

I’m seeing my sister from California today. She’s in for a very, very fast visit to New York and is coming out to Long Island for the afternoon. Yippee. I haven’t seen her in a while, she lives so far. I’m excited to spend some time with her today.

First this morning I have to go to the doctor, yet again, to re-do bloodwork. Something where they didn’t take enough blood to get the test they required done. I don’t now I just know I have to be there. Then I’m going to pick up my new glasses. We’ll see how that works out. I’ve been told it takes a little while to get used to the split of the reading and the distance. My mom said it made her dizzy she couldn’t use them.

Guess what everybody, my head is fine. No bumps, no bruises from yesterday’s fall. My aid had to call it into her agency and they made me crazy. Telling me I might have a bleed and I should be going to the ER. I then called my mother not knowing what to do. Then I got her upset. Then I thought to myself I’m 46 years old I’m still calling my mother, then I got myself upset. I know all really dumb stuff.

Tomorrow is my second infusion with Ocrevus. I’m juicing Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Or at least three days is my goal. Sometimes by the third day I get dizzy and I don’t make it through. I just want to flush all the shit out of me as quick as I can especially the steroids. I wasn’t nervous about it at all till I realize this will be my first time with a full dose. Even Rituxan always followed the half dose schedule. My schedule is basically clear, except for my hair on Thursday, for Friday and the weekend.

I hope everybody’s having a good week so far, moving right along. Wednesday is just around the corner and before you know it it will be Friday again.

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