Juicing through an infusion

Juicing through an infusion

I’m happy to report I’m feeling better. Im also happy to report it’s Friday. I think these weeks seem to be speeding up again. Maybe it’s because I’m older. I just feel like I was just writing about it being Monday. I’m still keeping my schedule light for the weekend. I just wanted any possible side effect from the last Ocrevus infusion to not be an issue. However when I made the schedule, I was expecting to have taken the 600 mg not the 300 mg. I can’t believe I have to do this again on Tuesday.

I’m happy to report I didn’t gain weight. I juiced for four days. Let me revise that I mostly juiced for four days. I had fruit in between the juicing three out of the four days. Normally when I juice I wouldn’t eat any food at all. I have to admit it was pretty easy. The real reason I won’t continue today, like I planned, is because I ran out of juice and I just didn’t feel like buy more. Again in my mind I was planning on this for one infusion and now I have the second one so I’m going to decide what I want to do about next week. The reason I like to juice during an infusion is because the amounts of liquids that go into your system. I like to flush out all the excess medicine and water weight. It also keeps me from eating too much with the steroid or comfort eating. It helps me take off all that water gain that comes on when I do and infusion.

I’m a creature of habit when I juice. I go to Trader Joe’s and I by their fresh juices. The first thing I buy is they’re all natural tomato juice which I love. This is my main juice because it’s low in calorie and I find tomato juice very filling. The second thing I buy is there carrot juice. Not my favorite thing but I can get it down. You can’t just go with smoothies and fruit juice because those are the higher calorie juices. You need to have the vegetable juices which is why I go to the carrot and the tomato. This time I bought the green juice. I hate green juice. I’m glad people can get on that green juice kick, all the more power to them, I can’t. I was able to swallow it down but luckily I only bought two little bottles and I was done within the first two days. I do buy my grapefruit juice and a natural orange juice and those are like my desserts at the end of the day. There are some great juice companies out there that you can buy cleanses through if you don’t want to buy your own juice. I just feel that I prefer that you to buy my own.

In the end I’m not sure if it even makes a difference but it does for me mentally. Plus it’s a great way to take off a couple of pounds quickly.

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