Comfort Height Toliets

Comfort Height Toliets

Who writes a blog about toilets? Well, I guess I do. When I moved into my condo I had the smallest toilets. I had to give people a warning so they would be aware, it was a big drop down before your butt hits. For someone with MS, this created a very big problem. There were times I slid right off the toilet. Then there were other times I couldn’t quite get off the toilet. It was so low down I need it too much of my leg muscles to push me back up. On those bad days my legs couldn’t do it. I’d have to brace myself against the sink and the tub pull myself up from the towels on the towel rack, it was ridiculous. Needless to say I needed new toilets.

Yesterday my toilets were finally put in. Of course nothing can just go smooth, like a toilet comes out a new toilet goes in. I had to get a specific toilet with a back valve which is only made really in commercial toilets. It’s took me forever to find mine in that comfort height in a color other than white. When I finally did I had to pay a lot more than I really wanted to for a toilet. Plus the fact that I needed two. The biggest problem with our bathrooms is the toilet isn’t sitting on the tile like most toilets are. My toilets were actually placed in the ground into the cement and everything was made around the toilets. So we literally had to dig the toilet out before the new toilet could go in. The new toilet had to be put in the same way. The installer had to cut through tile and cement to make room for the new piece.

What the installer thought was going to take no more than an hour and a half ended up taking 5 1/2. The cutting of the tiles produced so much dust that my condo has a layer everywhere that I need to clean. You know how dust is, it so annoying, you wipe it down and then it kind of settles again. Yesterday I wiped a lot of things down and I woke up this morning and it’s back. So I guess today I’m going to spend the day dusting, mopping and vacuuming. However I must say being able to sit and get off of the toilet is such a wonderful thing. It made me so happy, I just had to blog about it. I never thought in my life a toilet would make such a difference.

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