My own handicap parking spot

My own handicap parking spot

The sun is out. My view is beautiful. My furniture for the balcony has been ordered and soon my blogs will be written from there. My little four-legged angels let me sleep a little in later today. I just woke up feeling great. It is just so nice to feel better. I have to admit it was a rough couple of weeks but that Ocrevus infusion. It really wasn’t even the Ocrevus that did it, it was the steroids. It’s just so nice to feel back to my normal self.

On Tuesday is a condo board meeting where I put in an applications with our condo association to get a permanent handicap spot. They have a lot of handicap spots here but they get taken. During the afternoon it’s never an issue I always get a spot but if I happen to leave after 5 PM I could never find close parking. For most people that wouldn’t really be a terrible problem, the property is in that big, but for me it is. I can’t get my travel scooter out of my car but myself and I can’t walk that far.

The person that hit my daughters car a couple weeks ago was the Board President. I’ve been talking to him for the past couple of days putting in the claim with his insurance. I never mention the fact that I put in an application for the permanent spot. He’ll hear about it on Tuesday. I just didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to tell him because I felt like I be asking for favors on top of the fact that he hit my daughter’s car. Wasn’t sure if I should be telling him or if I shouldn’t. I could just always shoot him a text message. This is so silly I just didn’t know what to do so I did nothing.

This spot will be a huge deal for me. It will make my life just that much easier being at the condo. Plus it will make it a little easier for everybody else that I can leave again or be home again after five. I understand a lot of people have the handicap parking pass and I’m not saying that they don’t need it, it’s just that for me there is literally a maximum number of feet I can walk. I submitted my doctors note,my parking permit and a letter. I guess I’ll find out on Wednesday.

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